Washing Car Mats in the Washing Machine

I drive the ubiquitous minivan and there’s no other way to describe it than absolutely disgusting . It’s my punishment for thinking, before I had children, that I would not let them eat in the car (ha!) and that it would never, ever look like my sister’s car that housed her two toddlers and every food item and small toy imaginable.

So anyway, the van’s floor mats take the most of the daily damage, especially with a five-child car pool, so I figured how much worse could they be if I washed them in my front-loading washing machine? The result: they look brand new! I would only recommend doing this is a large-capacity front-load washer and on a delicate cycle. I wash them in the hottest water and the longest wash setting possible, including a presoak. I just roll them up and stuff them in and add the usual amount on soap. I don’t think fabric softener is a good idea. Hang dry and they will look great!

If you don’t have a front-loader you could use one at the laundry mat though I don’t know how many options you have there and how the long the wash time is. Maybe wash them twice if they are really dirty I mean really, who washes their only slightly soiled car mats?


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